A young Filipina has once again proven that Filipinos were born talented

The 14-year-old Filipina who was identified as Dianne Kaye Jacob Ico, a high school student who was born and raised in Barcelona but her parents are both from the Philippies, has impressed the judges and the viewers for such moving performance she did.

Dianne impressed the judges, especially Jorge Javier Vazquez after she performed her own rendition of the song "Memory" from the hit musical of "Cats."

"For me, a 'yes' is not enough," The host, who happens to be a fan of the song said. 

The judges indeed had a variety of opinions regarding this girl's performance. But Jorge Javier's opinion is what matters most for Dianne, for he decided to press the golden buzzer for her performance.

Dianne Kaye Jacob Ico will now move to the semi-finals after receiving a Golden Buzzer at the Got Talent in Spain

Pinay Golden Buzzer in España Got Talent
Pinay Golden Buzzer in España Got Talent
Posted by Leading Trends on Monday, March 7, 2016

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