Betty Mbereko, 40, got impregnated by her son Farai, who is 23 years old. They are both from Masvingo, Zimbabwe. She decided to marry him after her husband died. The intentions of the woman is not clear but according to her, she is the only person who would know what's best for her son and the sole woman who would benefit from her son's money.

As a result, the mother was charged of incest. The villagers condemned them because of their baby. They decided to banish them because they could not take Betty and Farai having a child, who is also their grandchild and sibling respectively.

Love is truly blind. People tend to cross the boundaries set by the norms whenever they feel true love. This might be right or wrong depending on your culture and belief. We may have different point of views but following your conscience would make your life peaceful. Put your comments below. :)

Source: CrackerDaily


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