We all know for a fact that these days, more and more teenagers are getting impulsive and careless with their actions. These days, teens tend to do things that aren't supposed to be done, because they can't handle the responsibility yet, but still, they chose to do IT. 

A scandalous video of a couple is now circulating online and has been shocking the netizens because of its content! 

A couple was spotted in an open area, doing something gross!  Yes, this couple decided to do IT in an open area.

Some people claim that this was somehow taken from a zoo because of the noise that were being heard in the surroundings, however, it was revealed that this act was done in a parking lot. 

People are now calling this couple the "REAL HOKAGE" for what they've done! 

This should now serve as a lesson to each and every couple out there to never do IT in public!

Click here to watch it.


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