Recently, everyone was indeed shocked when the video of Mayor Duterte that was taken from the Transparency Forum in UPLB has gone viral online

In the said video a UPLB student who was identified as  Stephen Villena slammed Mayor Duterte a couple of questions. He even asked him a question about his priority if he'll be elected as the next President. 

Mayor Duterte answers him, but as he was answering the student's question, Villena keeps on interrupting him, which reflects his character. After the video went viral online, Villena has been receiving criticisms saying that he has just disrespected the man who contributed a lot in Davao.

And now, a man named Nol Montalbo has posted an open letter for the UPLB student who disrespected Mayor Duterte for his wrong choice of words.

This man claims that he's a former UPLB Student, and he stated that the insitute where he graduated doesn't simply focuses on the academics but also in the life lessons and the character of a student.

He highlighted in his post that a student who belongs in the institute of the achievers should be more humble. He stated that attitude will always be greater than intelligence.

Read his full post here: 

A MUST READ open letter, written by a UPLB Alumnus addressed to the arrogant UPLB Student!

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