A 52 year old man, Frederick Callison was a line cook before in a restaurant but unfortunately, something bad happened and he lost his job.

The streets of Sacramento, California became his new home. But despite of what happened he never loses hope. Instead of asking money from others, he is determined to find a new job. He printed out copies of his resume and handed out to companies.

"I don't like to beg. And I won't. I refused to", Frederick said.

Michael Marteen noticed him while buying some stuff with his daughters and fiance. The man said that it is good to see Frederick doing an effort to improve his living despite of having a difficult situation.

Frederick attached his Social Security Card and ID to show his sincerity for looking a job.

Michael post his resume on facebook and fortunately, a restaurant, Pizza Rocks called Frederick and offered him a job.

Source: TrendingNewsPortal


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