Stories of child abuse are very widespread these days. Certain dreadful scenarios of children are being exposed in the news and online everyday. But this story I have read this morning is a unique one. Ahmed Mansour Sharara, 4, from Egypt, was charged of murder and was decided to take the fate of living his entire life in prison.

The security officials also killed a student, a construction worker and a teacher. After this, they decided to pin point random people to charge of murder such as a dead man, brother of two protesters who were killed, a man who is not in the country during that time and the poor boy Ahmed.

Sharara was accused of killing three people in 2012 when he was just 1 year old. Aside from that, there are counts of illegal possession of firearms and explosives, damaging the government and blocking the road with burning tires charged to him as well. Before his 5th birthday, Egyptian courts sentenced him of life imprisonment. Apparently, government officials then revoked the decision and claimed that they made a mistake.

Watch the video below for the complete details:

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Source: TNP


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