A 47-year-old American pensioner, who has been residing in the country for seven years, died while chatting with his girlfriend in a computer shop in Quiapo, Manila on Wednesday. John Frederick Warnaca from Fresco California, who last resided at Hidalgo street in Quiapo, was chatting with his girlfriend inside Net.com internet shop in Quiapo at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday when he suddenly leaned backward and not moving.

Owners of the internet café called police authorities and upon their arrival, Warnaca was declared dead. Other computer shop users got curious when Warnaca remained motionless for several minutes and called the attention of the shop owner. Efforts to revive him proved unsuccessful as the American was unresponsive.

Based on Warnaca’s recent activity in his Facebook account, he was having an online conversation with a Filipina, believed to be his girlfriend. Police stated that their online conversation showed that Warnaca and the woman had an argument before Warnaca died. 

The woman, said to be his girlfriend, disclosed that Warnaca has been suffering from a muscular disease since he was 23 years old that sometimes made it difficult for him to control his body movements.

Source: Danified

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