We can't deny the fact that Filipinos are really in Favor of having the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the next president. More and more supporters of Duterte are doing voluntary acts that will show their support for Mayor Duterte's  campaign. 

Recently, a video of Duterte's campaign went viral online! It was then revealed that this was the campaign ad of Duterte that was banned.

In this video, Mayor Duterte admitted that he can't afford everything that's related to his campaign that's why he's asking for the help of the housewives to help him make his campaign materials. He also asked the carpenters to be the one to create his billboards and posters, he even stated that he doesn't care if they'll be using scraps. 

In the near end of the video, he told everyone that the Philippines needs to be fixed, but he couldn't do it alone that's why he's asking for every Filipino's help to win back their country! 

He then stated that he needs every Filipinos to run with him to be able to have a better country! 


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