Photos of the controversial Mar Roxas comic book depicting him as Yolanda's Hero now being criticized by people, especially those who often use the internet. But what are the reasons why the Netizens were enraged by this art?

The Yolanda victims testified to what really happened while the occurrence of the typhoon. They claim that the character of Mar Roxas on the comic book is totally different than what actually happened during the disaster.

Because of this, it became a laughing stock to the readers and made the people of Tacloban create an angry mob on social media. To defend himself, here's the comic artist's message to people who kept bashing his work.
Karl Comendador's post on his Facebook account:

Screenshot From: Facebook
We all have our jobs, and we are bound to do it as what our customers are demanding for, especially those who pays bigger than we expected. But still, there are things money can't buy, including our dignity and of course the future of our country.

Source: Karl Comendador


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