It is for real that Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a. Carrot Man has become an instant celebrity after his photos have spread like a wildfire online! 

His fascinationg looks have captured the hearts and the eyes of the netizens, making them eager to fish out information about him.

After GMA has discovered him, he had several appearances on TV. And just recently, Carrot man underwent a major transformation as a preparation for his guesting on Sunday Pinasaya. 

The major transformation was actually a major make-over for Carrot man. He was able to receive nail and hair treatment. 

From a long haired farmer in the Mountain Province, to a short haired man who currently lives in the city! 

This man was expected to perform a special number in GMA's variety show every Sunday. 

His make over was able to gain positive feedbacks from the netizens!


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