Modern technologies nowadays are very useful when it comes to safety and security. There are now CCTVs which you can place inside your home to monitor and record the situations happening even when you’re not around.

But, the strange thing about it is when it could capture even ghost spirit. It is not new to us to hear those creepy CCTV reviews that can capture some white spirit, just like the video in this article.

A sudden white figure was caught by the CCTV on one stair in Hampshire pub. The white image appeared after setting off the alarm. Some people in the area believed that there are still some spirits around that place because they can hear some unusual sounds coming from the upper floors of the pub even if nobody is there.

However, people and experts say that there is a possibility that the white image was just a reflection of the air and snow outside the window that causes to appear like a ghost.

Source: Daily Mail


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