Just recently, many of the regular viewers of Eat Bulaga are asking why they couldn’t see the appearance of the regular host Paolo Ballesteros at the show for a week already.

According to the sources (TAPE.inc), the host received a disciplinary action from his producers after posting numerous rants on his Facebook account last Thursday while he was on site to host a certain show.

These are the screenshot post of what he was ranting that time. He's just actually pointing the name of one of his contacts, Ms. Liza Marcelo Lazatin.

On his message, He posted,

Several Facebook users had a screenshot of his rants.

Then when it was about 4:39PM, he allegedly posted a statement saying,

And here are his final posts that was around 5:11PM.

The host over all rants are about the slow production member who just let them wait in a hotel for a long time with no clues what they’re going to do. He even said that if he couldn’t get any feedback during that time, he will just stay in his room and drink some alcohol. He even asked not to disturb him anymore.

One report said that Paolo Ballesteros supposedly the host of the event in Subic Bay free zone for the Ad summit Philippines 2016. There is still no report when the host can return to his regular show.

Source: TNP


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