Many of us have had encounters with the paranormal and the supernatural.  We all thought there were monsters under our bed, but some of us really had a boogieman living in our closet, or a ghost walking in our attic. Myths on their own are powerless until we bring them into our own experience, test them against our own fears, and face them in our own lives.

Ghosts are earthbound spirits of human beings and animals that manifest in both the physical and spirit planes. True ghosts are spirits, meaning they are alive; they retain the mind of the individual who once lived on Earth. Despite what some may think, real ghosts are not "dead people" (though the physical body has perished) - for death is an illusion, a doorway unto the next experience. Ghosts are the living essence of people.

One of the ghost encounters was posted by a Facebook user named Constantino Paasa. The short clip was all about playing with his niece. But all of a sudden, they spotted something creepy behind the scene. If you focused more on the video and wait for the 10second turn, you will notice something different. Netizens who noticed it is thinking twice of it is true or just a hoax. Watch carefully and tell us your own thought.

LOOK AGAIN AT 10 SECONDS#isthatAghost#scary#playingTimeWithmyNieceShouldntBeThisScary#kayuNaHumusga
Posted by Constantino Paasa on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Source: Constantino P.

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