Aside from getting a peaceful rest after a long tiring day, the best thing about being able to lie on top of a soft bed is that you'll be able to relax your mind and dream of anything and everything. 

Here's what your dream says about your life! MUST READ!

What we all didn't know is that our dream has something deeper in it. To fully understand what your dream really means, here are 12 things that you see in your dreams that have deeper meanings:

Here's what your dream says about your life! MUST READ!

1. Boxes in your dreams mean secrecy, mystery and disappointment.

People claim that if you dream of a box, your subconsciousness is actually trying to reveal something about you. 

2. Falling means losing of control, risk and worry. 

Falling in your dreams means losing control of various aspects in your life. Try to take a yoga class to help free your mind from all the worries. 

3. Cats mean femininity, spirituality and power. 

Whenever cats appear in your dreams, this symbolizes strength. It also express feminity that strengthen your bond with your friends and family. 

4. Teeth symbolizes ageing

When you dream of your teeth that are being pulled, this means that you are afraid of ageing. 

5. Ants mean support, hard-work and irritability 

This is a sign that you have to re-evaluate and face your problems and stop ignoring it. This also symbolizes your strong desire for a relationship. 

6. Hair means sexuality, martial status and freedom 

This suggests that you have to focus more kn your relationship with your partner and to tru to express sexuality more. 

7. Water means ambition, risk and uncertainty. 

Dreaming of water means that you are a dreamer, a risk-taker and you're willing to grab each opportunity. 

8. Flying means courage, freedom and positivity. 

Flying in your dreams means you are soaring high in the skies, indicating that you are about to make a big decision in your life. 

9. Roads mean fate, travel and simplicity. 

Seeing roads in your dream symbolizes that you love travelling yet you have the simplicity in you. This could also symbolize your fate. 

10. Mud means immobility, growth and unrest

This is a sign that you are currently going through rocks and is trying to find the best way out!

11. Green color means love healing and passion. 

This means that you are already contented and satisfied with your relationship and with your life. 

12. Naked in public means acceptance and vulnerability. 

This is a sign that you are willing to accept what other people think about you. This is also a sign that you are a vulnerable person. 
Source: DailyCosmicFeed

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