A video has been posted of a man spitting melon seeds around a Line 2 subway in Xi'an, and receiving some epic punishment because of it. In the video you can see a man, creatively dubbed 'brother melon seed' by netizens, casually peppering the subway floor with melon seeds. When his fellow passengers told him to stop, 'brother melon seed' replies "f*ck off." 

When disciplined on the second time, he stands up and shoves the nagging passenger. After that incident a man in a gold-plated costume runs up and beats him in the head and body with a hammer while screaming "keep eating!”. Several men drag the hammer-wielder away, while leaving 'brother melon seed' to bleed onto the metro floor. 

Because of more discerning readers have figured out by now, this was all a publicity stunt. It was reportedly performed by a Xi'an film company and you can clearly see 'melon seed' smiling at the end of the video. Also, as you've probably noticed, the sound of the hammer hitting the body is a bit "plasticky."

According a Weibo post by the Xi'an Metro authority, the train has not been in service since November, 2015. The performers were allegedly charged with disturbing the peace. It's kind of unfortunate that it's a hoax, because this probably would've helped curb the number of metro eating incidents nationwide.

Source: Shanghai Expert


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