You're probably familiar with different types of massages. Shiatsu is an Eastern art that combines acupuncture with acupressure to allow the regulation of the energy flow in the body. Rolfing is another medically oriented technique aiming to straighten the body, strongly resembling chiropractic. The best known, however, is the Swedish massage. It's a full body massage with relaxation as its goal. Other styles such as sports massage, reflexology, myotherapy, and myofascial release are some of the therapeutic nature.

Everyone likes a good back massage but not everyone can afford to go to the massage therapist when they have body pain. While a professional therapist is your best bet for getting rid of any chronic pain, you or your spouse can be trained to give a pretty decent massage for those times when you have no time visiting a therapist.

Here are some tips on how you can improve your massaging skills and give a great back massage. A good back massage will leave the body feeling relaxed.

The massaging motion works to improve circulation and blood flow to the muscles, bringing the body nutrients and helping them to remove toxins. In this way, massage not only feels good but it's good for you too!

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