There are lots of cheating stories that we may have read and watched here on the internet. Some may caused a total break up but some just can't end their relationships.

There's another case of cheating that now rounds on social media, the hunt on a man named Michael. It recently gain attention from the netizens especially those who have the same name that the guy accused of being unfaithful.

Jean Nunez, the one who claims that she was cheated by her boyfriend made a video to express her feelings towards her unfaithful partner.

But obviously, this was all an act, Maybe she's just trying to make herself famous by uploading random videos and hoping that some talent scout may appear and give her a break.

GRABE Michael you hurt ME na bakit naka Buntis ka sa transgenger
Posted by Jean Nunez on Monday, March 7, 2016

Source: Jean Nunez

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