The netizens were left in total shock after they saw the interview of MO Twister with Maria Ozawa.

In the interview, DJ MO Twister asked the ex-adult star, Maria Ozawa if she had a spend the night with her co-actor Cesar Montano

Maria Ozawa tried her best to change the topic, she tried avoiding the topic but then MO just wantes an answer.

In the  end of the interview, Maria answered that it just happened once. Noting more, and nothing less.

The whole social media world was left open-mouthed after hearing the news about Maria and Cesar.

However, just recently, Maria Ozawa posted a Facebook status saying that everything he said about the one night stand was just a joke, yet people took it seriously.

Maria Ozawa revealed the truth behind her "One Night-Stand" with Cesar Montano!

Maria Ozawa and Cesar Montano (y)
Maria Ozawa and Cesar Montano (y)
Posted by Leading Trends on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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