The MTRCB or the Movie and Television Review Classification Board has recently given an X-Rating to two entries on the Cine Filipino Film Festival. The films that received an x-rating were the gay horror comedy fil "Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil."

Jason Paul Laxamana's film that was entitled "Ang Taba Ko Kasi," and Frank Davod Fabros' "Straight To The Heart" were stated that those films aren't supposed to be released on theaters. Despite that both films are romantic comedies, people claim that the films also tackle discrimination.

The film that was entitled "Ang Taba Ko Kasi," is a film about a fat girl who's being torn between her swimming instructor who keeps on telling her to lose weight and her fat friend who wants to accept her for who she is. 

Laxamana claims that he's dismayed after hearing the news and even said that he really doesn't understand how the MTRC does their rating.

Meanwhile, Cai Cortez, the lead start of "Ang Taba Ko Kasi," expressed her dismay on her Instagram account. 

But still, some people claim that they didn't find the trailer offensive.

Source: ChosenTrends

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