A lot of people have noticed that Paolo Ballesteros hasn't been attending the GMA's noon time show called Eat Bulaga. They claim that Paolo has been bringing laughter to everyone in the show that's why it's impossible for them not to notice his absence.

According to some sources, Paolo Ballesteros was suspended from the show by the TAPE Inc. The disciplinary action was caused by the several posts of Paolo on his Facebook account that stated his bad experience on a guesting that happened last March 10.

Paolo Ballesteros was suspended from attending Eat Bulaga! Find out why!

Here are some of the rants of Paolo: 

At around 3:43 pm another rant was posted saying:

At 4:39pm Paolo posted another rant: 

At his last post, Paolo seemed to be very mad about what happened that's why he ended up saying: 

Reports claim that Paolo was supposed to host the Ad Summit Pilipinas 2016 in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Everyone's still clueless about when will Paolo be able to come back to the show because he still have to sit with the Big Bosses to talk about this matter. 

Meanwhile the VP of the TAPE Inc. has released a statement to PEP saying: "It is an internal matter and like all other internal matters, it is our company's policy not to discuss it in public.”

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