Can you still remember Angelica Jane Yap or more popularly known as Pastillas girl? Yes, the woman behind the viral crazy pastillas tutorial video! We can still recall that Angelica Jane Yap was given a break by ABS-CBN. In fact, she was given a segment in It's Showtime, wherein they helped her find her Mr. Pastillas.

And now that her segment is over, Angelica Jane Yap wanted to show everyone that she's more than the girl who's in search for her Mr. Pastillas. 

She wanted to show the whole world that she's also talented! 

Now, a video of Pastillas girl is now circulating online and has already catching the netizens' attention.

In the viral video, Pastillas Girl gracefully moved to the beat of Rihanna's "Work."

A lot of people were stunned by her dancing skills! No one knew that Angelica Yap can twerk and make the room hot! 

As of writing, her video has already garnered more than 1 million views!


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