There are mysteries in this world that we cannot explain. Even those detectives and scientists are having a hard time figuring out some of the unexplainable cases. Just like what happened to Iwona Wieczorek.

Iwona was fresh out of high school, she was waiting for the information about the university admission, she was planning to go on a vacation trip to Spain any day now. She had her life before her.

Friday, July 16th, 2010 she went to a party with friends, the party was held in an allotment of one of her friends. Later that night (about 00:15) she went to a club in Sopot, in the company of her friend Adria and three colleagues, Paweł, Marek and Adrian. She was supposed to stay at the first party, but instead she chose the club, though she knew the three guys for only about a month.

In the CCTV footage at the beach in Jelitkowo it is clear that at a certain distance behind the girl there is a man in a plaid shirt, with a towel on his shoulder walking - to this day has not been identified, but investigators are now convinced that he has nothing to do with Iwona disappearance.
Watch this YouTube Video from Rob Dyke:

Can you solve the mystery? Or this will remain unsolved?

Source: Rob Dyke


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