We are all aware that these days, a lot of people are sending SPAM or Spontaneous Annoying Messages to postpaid and prepaid users. It is for real that this trick is irritating.

Recently, the story of a Spammer and a developer is the most talked about topic online.

A developer received a spam from an unknown number, but instead of acting as if he was the victim, he turned the table around by making the spammer as the victim of his own trap.

This developer sent 3,000 messages to the unknown number who sent him a spam message.

Spammer gets a taste of his own medicine after messing with the wrong guy! Check this out!

In fact, this man, even posted photos on his Facebook account that comes with a caption saying: "Don't ever spam a developer with an armed gateway. 3,000 incoming SMS to scammer."

This man used a software that is somehow similar to an SMS bomber, but a little more sophisticated.

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