A lot of people are searching for several ways on how they can change their skin color from black to a fairer skin color. Some of them have already tried several soaps and whitening lotions, but then none of them worked because black is actually their natural color.

A Russian laboratory has invented a way to remove the black skin layer of black people. According to a publication of the Moscow Faculty of Sciences, they have developed a chemical process on how they could quickly change a person's skin color from black to white. 

It was then revealed that with a mixture of oxytane and benzodiazepine, you can easily change your skin color! All they have to do is to add 50 grams of this mixture per liter of water and stay in the tub for six hours.

It turns out that after staying in the mixture for six hours, the skin will pee off naturally. People claim that it won't hurt, you won't feel a little pain because the skin that will be removed is the upper layer of your body.

It was also stated that 254 people have already been cured by this treatment

However, some people claim that this isn't proven yet and that this might be just another conclusion.

Source: DiplayViral

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