We all know for a fact that there's a burning issue between Cristine Reyes and the veteran actress Vivian Velez. The rumors about the real story behind the issue doesn't seem to have an end. 

The issue between Cristine and Vivian hasn't end yet, yet the netizens are once again creating issues and rumors about Cristine.

The truth behind Cristine Reyes' alleged scandal was REVEALED!

In line with the recent scandals online was Cristine Reyes' alleged scandal

People can't help but to conclude that she's really the one in the viral private clip. 

The video is now being passed on from one netizen to another. However, there are some people who are kind enough to request Facebook to turn it down immediately.

Some people claim that it was Cristine and her ex-boyfriend, Rayver Cruz's scandal. But still, there's hasn't been any confirmation.

Cristine's camp has remained silent about the issue but according to Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, the authorities are already tracking the video to find out the details about it.

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