A couple of alarming photos that show a man dating a couple of different women is now circulating online! The guy  in the said pictures and videos was identified as Ryan Yap. It was revealed that this man has been trying to date girls in ages 10-15 years old to make an adult activity with him.

The truth behind the viral photos of the 'Master HOKAGE' was REVEALED!

Yap's modus is to chat with numerous girls online and ask them to go on a swimming, dinner, clubbing and other things that will definitely make them agree in coming with him, in exchange of coming with him, he has to taste their bodies.

The truth behind the viral photos of the 'Master HOKAGE' was REVEALED!

This was posted online to warn each and every parent out there to always monitor your children, especially the young girls.

Warn your children about this man because he won't do anything good to your daughters, in fact, this man was already reported after forcing himself to do malicious things with a girl.

But still, it hasn't been proven if this story is real or just another story that was made to ruin someone's life. People haven't explained yet if this man is really using his money to get what he wants from the girls. But still, we have to be very careful about whom we're talking to, online. 

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