When we were still young, our parents have always taught us that we don't have the right to keep anything that we do not own, and if ever someone left her valuables, we should quickly return it. 

There had been a couple of instances like this, some people chose to do what's right. 

However, these students didn't do the right thing. These students claim that they found a coin purse at the Gil Puyat. They claim that they weren't able to return the purse to the owner that's why they decided to use the money.

They went to a fast food chain to grab something to eat and there, they used the money that the coin purse contains.

These students found a lost coin purse. What they did with the money is truly unacceptable!

What made the situation even worse is the fact that they posted the story behind their photo, on Facebook! Yes, you've read that right. These students seemed to be very proud of what they did! 

Some netizens even commented saying "Hindi mo na nga dapat ginawa, ipinagmamalaki mo pa! "


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