We all know for a fact that a lot of people are considering their dogs and pups as their best friends. They claim that their pet dogs are the reasons why they aren't feeling to much stress, but then, some people just don't know how to care for their pets.

A video of a pup and a snake is now circulating online and has quickly garnered negative comments from the netizens who were able to watch it.

In the short clip, a pup was placed in a cage wherein a snake is in. Just a few moments later, the snake suddenly eats the pup alive

It didn't take long for the snake to eat the puppy alive, because the puppy was still little. It turns out that the puppy and the snake was the man's pets.

This man fed his snake a poor puppy. This will surely make you mad!

It turns out that the eating of the pup was filmed by this man for fun


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