What would you do if you see a woman throwing cash on the streets? Would you rather ask her why she's doing it? Or you'd hurriedly pick up the cash that she just threw away? 

A woman unbelievably threw 2 million worth cash in the Downtown Square in Seoul Korea. What's even more shocking in this story is that no one ever dared to pick up a single piece of money that was thrown by this woman. 

This woman threw 2 million worth cash in the streets. What the people did, will shock you!

It turns out that it is illegal to pick up an unattended money in the streets of Seoul, Korea. No one has the right to pick up an unattended money, aside from the police officers. 

What's even more interesting in this story is that when this 56-year-old woman threw the cash, it didn't evem disturbed anyone, considering the fact that she threw it in a busy street. 

It was then revealed that this woman wanted to give out her money to strangers to prevent her ex-husband from stealing it. 

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