Finally, a solution to all of New York City’s subway fights: simply find someone to stand in between the attackers and handle the situation like a pro.

 Apparently, the half-naked dude in the train is under the influence of drugs. It is obviously seen in the short clip that he is mocking every person in the train and acting like he will start a fight. All the people in the train are terrified on what might have caused by what they called the Weirdo Guy. One of the passengers uses his own bike just to shield himself from the dude.

 Words and insults are exchanged until our quiet superhero steps in, appearing as if he knows nothing’s going on, and completely defuses the situation. It seems that our superhero forgot his hammer and knocked out the bad guy with his bare hands! Will our superhero THOR come forward and take credit for his heroics?
Posted by Ghetto fights & Crazy videos on Sunday, March 20, 2016

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