We can’t deny the fact there are a lot of Filipinos that really good in using technologies. Photoshop is the usual thing that photo editors are using when making creative designs. It can also transform the ugly or simple picture to one perfect image.

But, most of the netizen nowadays are using this application just to cure someone’s loneliness, just like what they did to the picture of presidential candidate Mar Roxas.

Many people claimed that they get annoyed to those candidates that really are trying so hard in getting the attention of the public. This is the latest trend on social media now: To attach the face or body of Mar Roxas to anywhere they want.

The original picture shows that he is someone that could reach out to the poor people; he was touching the fish from the basket of the fisherman.

Now, many people are really exerting their efforts just to show their great hate to Mar Roxas. Check it for yourself and take a break to laugh.

Source: Pinoy Realtalk

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