Have you watched Mayor Duterte's transparency forum in the University of the Philippines Los Baños? Well, the transparency forum has already gone viral online and has really caught the attention of the netizens! 

During his transparency forum, a student from UPLB challenged Mayor Duterte in a battle of Question and Answer

The student threw numerous questions to Mayor Duterte about his top priority if ever that he'' be elected as the next president. But as Duterte is stating his answers, the student keeps on interrupting Mayor Duterte which reflects to a rude and disrespectful attitude of this student. 

The student told Duterte,

UPLB Student was allegedly paid by a presidential candidate to Slam Duterte in the forum!

But still, Mayor Duterte did his best to tell everyone that education will be his top priority and not the national security.

After the video went viral online, the netizens tried their best to dig out information about the student who disrespected Mayor Duterte during the forum.

The student was identified as Stephen Villena who happens to be an acquaintance of Aika Robredo, the daughter of Leni Robredo which is the running mate of Mar Roxas.

UPLB Student was allegedly paid by a presidential candidate to Slam Duterte in the forum!

But aside from his personal information, another information was digged out from Stephen. The netizens found out that Villena has an account in coin.ph that allows money transfer within the Philippines.

What made the situation even worse is that they found out that he has been receiving P50, 199.99 in his account that was paid through M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala.

People then can't confirm if the screenshot of the payment was authentic, since Villena has already deactivated his social media accounts.
Source: DailyCosmicFeed

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