Senyora Santibanez is popularly known for her straight forward and strong personality. She can normally ask questions and give her opinions firmly to any situation or anyone she wanted to talk to, even to any famous stars on television. 

Just recently, because of many people curiosities regarding the alleged relationship between the comedian and singer Kakai Bautista and the actor Ahron Villena, Senyora sarcastically asked Kakai before to reveal her secret, but Kakai avoid answering and just greet Senyora.

Here's the real score between Kakai and Ahron:

Last time, all the issues about them was closed after Ahron posted his birthday thanks message to Kakai, He extend his full appreciation for all the efforts of kakai all the time, especially to his past birthday and he thank her for friendship that they’re having for a long time. 

Source: Senyora Santibanez

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