Now that the Philippine Election 2016 is getting closer, Presidential candidates are also getting busier campaigning to different places of the country.

Families and friends of the candidates are also taking their efforts to campaign them in public. There are only few days left before the people will know the next leaders of the government in the country.

Meanwhile, netizens are also getting busier stalking the family members of each candidate. The trending picture that circulates the social media now is the mash-up pictures of the young sons of the candidates.

The son of Grace Poe: Brian Llamanzares
credits to Rappler.com
Rodrigo Duterte’s son: Sebastian Duterte

Mar Roxas’ son: Paolo Gerardo Z. Roxas 

Jejomar Binay’s son: Jejomar Binay, Jr.

Now, people really enjoy voting who is the most handsome of the four sons. Check for yourself, and you may vote for your bet as well.

Source: Random Thoughts

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