Once again, another love story is circulating online! But then, this one's different. This isn't the love story that you've been expecting, this isn't like the story of Cinderella or other princesses, in short, this is indeed a unique story.

This is a story involving a married couple and the husband's nephew. The woman who was identified as Dolores got attracted to her husband's nephew who was identified as Alfredo Cebuano. 

Dolores is married to her husband Ryan Vera Cruz and already had a daughter with him, but then she's falling out of love and is now being attracted to her husband's nephew.

Alfred, Ryan's nephew was the one who made the first move to get closer to his uncle's wife. The result? Dolores easily gave in. She allowed her emotions to take over her body.

They had an affair and that they tried to hide it from Ryan, but Ryan was able to find out that his wife is having an affair with his nephew! 

Source: ChosenTrends

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