All of us has our own desired pet. Some people simply wanted it to be fluffy and cute like hamsters, dogs and cats. While others choose something more extreme like snakes, scorpions etc.

According to some research, growing up with pets is a good thing for children. It teaches them values on how to take care of someone. Apparently, the family of this little girl took it to the next level.

They've managed to let their child play with a Python without even knowing the danger it could give to the little girl. But hey, it's their pet, so they might have that snake before it gotten so huge. We can never judge a family by having a dangerous pet don't we?

Individuals possessing exotic animals often attempt to change the nature of the animal rather than the nature of the care provided. Such tactics include confinement in small barren enclosures, chaining, beating “into submission,” or even painful mutilations, such as declawing and tooth removal.

Let's just hope that this huge python knows its place and don't get tempted on eating a family member.

Source: Elite Readers


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