You might probably feel a major headache after watching this video. The guy hit his head so hard on the side of the pool. Luck and miraculously, the guy are still floating alive! This will be a good lesson for all the boys and girls out there. If you’re going to Suplex someone into the pool this time of summer, just do it in Brock Lesnar style.

Throw that vegetable as far as possible behind you. You don’t want to kill yourself neither your partner in crime. Also, you don’t want to ruin the pool party. Nobody likes the guy that ruins the party because he messed up a Suplex and now the pool is full of blood and yeah the vegetable is dead.

RKO also stands for his finishing move--the Randy Knock Out was an Internet sensation and people was RKO’ing each other into pools and off of docks into lakes. The RKO out of nowhere is the perfect wrestling move for aquatic activities. On the other side, Suplex is not so much. Let’s just stick to what works and try not to pile drive yourself or anyone else’s head into the side of a pool. 

Watch the Full Video Below:

Source: Richie Bustos


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