The tragic war that still happens in Syria was left a very terrible image to the people of the country. Many refugees are still in their camp because they have been attacked from their place. There are many innocent people who had been dying and suffered from pain and flooded with blood because of that war.

Children are one of the most pitiful victims of this tragic event of the country. This picture of the 3 year old little boy from Syria who died due to the impact of the bomb that causes so much pain to the heart of many people.  They could imagine the picture of this innocent boy as a reflection of the people around the Syria during the moment of war.

The video was made for the tribute to this young boy who lives and just let him experienced and witnessed the most terrifying situation in the government war that brought him to death. The picture was captured during the moment he was saying these last words, “I will tell God everything”.
Watch this full report from World News:

Until now, there is still no clear future for the people of Syria after this war. The story was just left hanging and no hopes for them for justice.  

Source: World News


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