We often see those Netizens who are trying to ask unrelated questions to any person or establishment just to make fun of it. But recently, many Netizens were shocked after one of the famous coffee shop and donuts in the Philippines “J. Co” answered numerous situational questions from the Netizens.

This news immediately spread online as the people find it really fascinating. They couldn’t believe that the admin of the account would entertain the questions of many people, which really unusual in many establishments.

Now, the people label it as the latest “Doctor Love Account”. As our society grows, many problems also occur in any means, that's why people really admit that this kind of short conversation might truly be able to help some other people to lighten up their minds.
Read some of the Netizens conversation with Dr. Love J. Co, You might also need someone to talk to with your love life problems. Check out how realistic all his answer while still endorsing their products.

Source: Filipino Dubs


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