Being vain when it comes to looks and appearance is important, as it can boost self-confidence. That is why Jude started to maintain her complexion by going to an indoor tanning salon since she was 13. He has been doing this 3 times a week.

However, the procedure had a different effect to her. Wrinkles and blemishes started to appear when was 26 years old. There is one specific dot that appeared to her nose.

Jude honestly thought that it was just a simple pimple. And just like what other girls do, she popped it. The blemish was healed, but it got worse after a month. Her nose started to decay. By her surprise, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was advised that if it will not be removed via surgery, her whole face is at stake.

She then decided to undergo a skin grafting. The doctor took a portion of her chest skin to make it successful. Gladly, her face was saved.

Here is a video that will reveal the danger that indoor tanning can give us:

Source: YouTube / TNP


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