66-year-old repentant man from Utah was found in critical condition and rescued by Mt Pleasant. He allegedly told officers he had been masturbating to the Bible moments before being struck down by a lightning bolt. The religious man who had decided to go for a wander on Mount Pleasant that day was caught offset by a raging storm which ultimately might have cost him his life.

Image Credit: The Controversial Files
“Since my wife passed away last year, I often seek the tranquillity of the hiking trails of Mount Pleasant,” he told the local reporters. “I bring my Bible and meditate about God, Jesus and the Creation,” he explained. “I strongly believe God has punished me for my sinful ways that day and am glad God has given me a second chance to spread his word and tell my story,” he stated.
Image Credit: The Controversial Files
Mr. Taylor wholeheartedly complains the fact that he masturbated to the Bible moments before being struck down by lightning, a fact he wishes to share with others. “I am ashamed to say that I was fulfilling my dirty needs while holding this sacred object, written down from the spoken word of God. If God had intended this to be my punishment for my sinful ways, then I feel I must share my story with the world so that others may avoid this dreadful path” he admits, visibly humbled by the whole experience.

Source: The Controversial Files


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