Who doesn’t like to have a gorgeous body? Everyone of us are seeking to have that head turning look of our body, especially to those people who are normally gaining so much fat in just a small period of time than the others.

Summer is the best time to show that most wanted gorgeous bodies. People are often wearing little clothes during sunny weather, especially in any beach. Swimsuit with hottest body is the dream of anyone.

Some people are engaging to lose weight through taking diet of their food; some are doing their daily heavy exercises. But, everyone knows the struggle of achieving those precious bodies. We usually hear that “it’s a long process” but not to this woman who discovered her own weight loss project.

She shared her own experience with her discovery that really hooked the attention of many people,

“When I got up, I took off the bandages and wrap and measured my waist. I was in shock. I lost 2.5 inches during the first night”

“After three births, my stomach was no longer flat and attractive”, she added. “I bought seaweed lotion, plastic wrap and bandages, to achieve weight loss”How to do it: Every night before you sleep, apply the lotion into your tummy, then wrap it with the plastic.

Image Credit: Viral4Real
Image Credit: Viral4Real
Next the bandage around it (This will let your skin secrete sweats and let it moist. 

Image Credit: Viral4Real
Consistently doing it every night with proper diet and it will be more effective.) Then, just remove it in the morning.

Image Credit: Viral4Real
Source: Viral4Real


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