One of the most preferred occupations of children is being a doctor. With their thinking of helping others, they do not know the hardships behind this job yet. Adding up to the pressure is if the doctor being assigned in an emergency room. There must be no room for errors and presence of mind is the main ingredient because for one mistake, one life or your license is at stake.

Aside from that, we should not take away the contribution of the nurses and other medical assistants. Their roles are equally important in the success of the emergency department. This video that we saw viral now online is super shocking.

Dr. Mauricion Heilbron Jr. shared his experience at the most hectic department. A lot of patients suffering from different kinds of critical conditions need immediate assistance. One pregnant woman gave their nerves a shock and made their eyes pop.

Watch the video here and focus your eyes on the woman's legs:

It is incredible how the medical practitioners responded to the situation, especially the hero who caught the baby. Amazing! :)

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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