You can watch a lot of pranks that have been uploaded on YouTube. Some are horror, funny and there are some pranks that can be mean and even  dangerous, while others are silly. But other pranks bring out the best in their victims.

Just like a prank conducted by a young man. He pretended to ask for a change for his $10 bill. He asked random of people in the street to change his money. He intentionally gave a wrong bill, a $20 instead, to see if the person will tell him and will show honesty.

Almost all of the victims were not being honest. Until one homeless woman was asked to change his money. She called the young man right away and told him that he gave a wrong bill.

Watch the video below to see what happened.

It is not the status in life to define you as a person. It doesn't matter if you are less fortunate. The important thing is you have the integrity and credibility that you keep yourself.

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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