As of now, abusing intake of drugs or taking illegal drugs is the most serious and difficult problem that our country is facing today. The bad effects that this drug can give to the human body can cause someone's brain in damage, as this thing happens users can easily create unusual activities that can cause trouble or harm to some other people unconsciously.

There are many kinds of crimes that might people engage when they take these illegal drugs. Innocent people are always affected, especially the young children. Rape cases are the most common and has a high rate of crime in our country. At their very young age, they are exposed to experience this kind of heartless crime.

Some victims of rape are suffering from severe trauma, but the worst is some of them gets pregnant or killed. It is always a long process before these victims recover from this abusive activity.

The only thing that the people can do is to always give extra care wherever they are to avoid this kind of situation to happen; parents are always advised to monitor their children, especially today where there's no safer place.

Source: Litezia R Gracia


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