Vice President Jejomar Binay is reportedly mulling on filing an electoral protest even if he finished fourth in the presidential race.

In his Manila Times column, Binay’s friend Mauro Gia Samonte recalled snippets of his conversation with the Vice President over dinner days after the May 9 elections.

Samonte said Binay was determined to lodge a protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal if Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. files an electoral case.

“If Marcos protests, I will have to join him in that protest. I mean, I will have to make my own protest alongside his,” the columnist quoted Binay as saying.

The Vice President’s statement is hinged on the argument that a “great bulk” of the votes Marcos will protest will likely involve votes for him as well.

Marcos’ camp has sought an explanation for the 3.9 million “undervotes” for vice president and hinted they might use the incidents they have observed in a possible electoral protest.

Undervoting is defined as the decision of a voter not to choose any candidate for a particular post.
Although Binay is considering filing an electoral protest, Samonte quoted him as saying that any action will have to wait until Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo takes her oath as vice president.

Binay garnered 5,416,140 votes in the presidential race, a far cry from the 16,601,997 garnered by incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

Image: Philstar
Article: Politics

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