Summer is getting hotter nowadays, as the health sectors keep on reminding us to drink water regularly to maintain body's normal hydration. Being hydrated is very essential to ensure correct functioning of body organs and also to maintain body's temperature. Sudden loss of fluids in our body may lead to a serious condition such as dehydration and heatstroke.

Health professionals recommend everyone to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. It may vary for each individual who drinks more or less than the recommended amount. As long as you feel okay and not experiencing symptoms of dehydration and heat stroke such as fatigue, extreme thirst, headache and dizziness, you may say that you have enough water in your system.

Generally, constant fluid intake is very important and taking more of it has more benefits. It has been proven by a journalist "Thrilist" who conducted an experiment in which he will drink one gallon of water a day for thirty days. This seemed so unusual and distinct. He had records of his investigation and he was amazed at the result. He concluded with what he feels that his life made even better. He made a hard time at the beginning of the experiment, but he needs to maintain his quota for his documentation. Time has passed and his looks seem to change due to constant hydration he did. In addition, his body got healthier.

Wanna take this one-gallon-water-drinking-challenge? It sounds cool, but still you have to consider your body condition as there is also disadvantage of drinking too much water which is called water intoxication.

Source: TNP


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