It is a human protocol and has to be taken consideration the privacy when making love (of course!). This activity, when done by two persons, seems to be very awkward and will surely result to shame and humiliation to themselves if they have been caught doing it on the actual. It shows that individuals, in a normal state, still enroots the social and moral norms with regards to sexual behavior.

However, this one is the irony of what everyone is thinking right now. There is a Singaporean family that has the tradition of seeing a member of a family doing the 'sacred act' for the first time. They believe that witnessing the intimacy of the husband and wife after wedding is important to be seen and make it an exceptional one.

A photo, which is now spreading online, has been uploaded by the husband's uncle, showing a newly wed doing it while other members are watching for them.

“While most people may consider it odd, for our family there is nothing more proud than celebrating a son, brother or nephew having se* for the first time. We see it as the last step on the long journey to adulthood, and it’s also a special chance to witness the moment that a new life is formed,” the uncle said.

“I felt nervous having my family there to accompany me, and also give me guidance on how to proceed. At first I had trouble entering my girlfriend, but my mother suggested I take things more slowly and relax, and I was able to eventually slip it in.” he added.

He ended, “I snapped the photo right at the moment before he came, and it was truly a beautiful scene.”

Their way of making it exposed within the family, which is contrary to most of us, is really a bizarre! Is this really real? You may share your insights by posting a comment/s below.

Source: NewsFeedPH


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