One of the most talked about subject matter this past few weeks is women's right and gender equality. This was brought up because of the "bad joke" from a presidential candidate that earned a lot of different comments here and abroad. A large portion of concerned civilians called to condemn the statement and boycott the said candidate, while the church urge the people to choose a bet that has a good moral judgment.

Just to be fair, let us look at the other side of the coin. We wouldn't be able to get rid of the fact that there are people who display seductive acts and behave inappropriately. This adds up to the possibility of them being sexually maltreated.

In a video that we saw posted on a Facebook page, a male dancer is clearly violating a lady while he is enjoying performing alluring steps at her. It also seemed that the girl doesn't even care if she's maltreated.

You may watch the video here:

If this is purely for entertainment, then there should be no issue. However, it was made public and open to scrutiny. For some, it might be fine, but for those who still has respect for women, it is clearly a disgusting act.

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Source: Facebook


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