A YouTube video posted by senatorial bet Rafael Alunan III in his Facebook account has caught the attention of many netizens.
This video titled ‘May Awa ang Dios’ is showing how a tough man can also have a soft heart.
In it are clips of his reactions with people’s adversities, and how he deals with them. There are times that he smiles at them and comfort them. There are also times he can’t help himself but cry.
The video also shows his past campaign rallies and how tears roll his eyes in Danao, astounded by the support of a huge number of people, considering he doesn’t have the money and machinery.
Watch the video below and get ready with your tissue:

Here’s a video when he cried on his parent’s grave. This was the day after the elections, when he took a big lead in the vote count. A sign that he was about to become the 16th President of the Philippines.


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